SSP Actuated Ball Valves
SSP Actuated Ball Valves
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SSP is extending its instrument ball valve line to include actuated ball valve assemblies for:

EB Series Encapsulated Ball Valves
FB Series Multipurpose Ball Valves
TB Series Trunnion Ball Valves

SSP Automated ball valve assemblies are engineered with components selected specifically for each valve. SSP can also provide packages with customer-specified actuators, solenoids, limit switches and other components. Actuators are available in 90° and 180° double acting, spring to open, spring to close and spring to center actions with a wide variety of solenoids, limits switches, position sensors and other accessories to meet your applications’ requirements.
Why Choose SSP Automated Valve Assemblies

SSP provides actuated ball valve assemblies for SSP EB, TB and FB Series ball valves. SSP assemblies are:

Single source - SSP stands behind the entire assembly including the valve, hardware, and accessories.

Reliable - Whether your assembly is built with standard or custom components, all automation components and accessories are selected to maximize the performance of the valve. All assemblies are factory tested to ensure that they function as expected.

Flexible - SSP can source components to meet the unique needs of your application or provide automated valves assembled with customer specified actuators and accessories.

Product Line

2-way Valve Actuators
• Normally open/Normally closed
• Double Acting

3-way Valve Actuators
• 180° Spring Return (spring to open port 1 or port 2)
• 90° switching (for XQS pattern EB Series Valves)
• 3 position valve (spring return to center)
• 180° Double Acting

Actuator Options and Accessories
• Standard anodized aluminum, corrosion resistant coated and stainless steel housings.
• Actuators for temperatures ranging from -65 to 400°F (-53 to 204°C)
• Wide range of solenoids and limit switches for standard, intrinsically safe and explosion proof environments
• Dual Mounted (two valves mounted on one actuator)

Actuator Features
Standard actuators will have the following features:

• Rugged Tooth Design - The pinion teeth are engaged the full length and stroke of the piston. The pinion height allows manual override without needing to remove the position indicator.
• High Visibility Position Indication - External open/close indicator as standard, available for all rotations.
• High Cycle-Life Wear Pads - Pistons incorporate wear pads (skates) to separate the rack from the actuator wall and serve as both guides and wear bearings.
• Alternative Operating Media - Air pressure operation from 40 to 150 psig. Water, nitrogen and compatible hydraulic fluids may also be used to power the actuator.
• Stainless Steel Fasteners - All external fasteners are corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
• Honed Bore for High Cycle-Life - Extruded aluminum body is internally machined and honed to exact specifications. Honing prevents dry spots from forming within the actuator bore and therefore eliminates premature seal failure—a critical aspect to long cycle-life. All internal and external surfaces are hard anodized for corrosion resistance, with all units permanently lubricated at the factory.
• Traceability - All units are externally marked with a progressive traceable serial number.

Actuated ball valves are individually boxed for protection and stability.

Actuated Ball Valve Catalog
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Actuated Ball Valves
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Process Measurement and Control
Instrumentation is the science of process measurement and control (PM&C). Instruments such as analyzers, flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature probes and thermometers, level gauges, and control valves are used for measuring and modifying field parameters. They are either installed remotely and operated in an automated fashion, or directly and in a manual fashion. The field parameters they measure and control deal with system flow, pressure, temperature, field calibration, and final control technology.  

The PM&C system is critical to the operation of the plant or product. Instrument fittings, valves, and tubes are the veins and arteries of the system. Without their perfect and efficient operation, the objectives of PM&C cannot be met.


QC Series Instrumentation Quick Connects
QC Series quick connects are designed to provide a convenient way to connect and disconnect fluid lines without the use of tools. Quick Connects are use in grab sample systems, laboratories, and other applications requiring rapid or frequent connections and disconnections.

• MAWP: 3000 psig (206 bar)
• Temperature Range: -15 to 350° F
• Body Material: 316 SS, Alloy 400, and Brass
• O-ring Material: FKM. Other materials are available
• Coupling Types: DESO (Double End Shut Off) and SESO (Single End Shut Off) and full flow
• End Connections: Duolok®, Unilok®, Griplok® tube fittings and NPT pipe end connections

QF Series Quick Connect Couplings
QF Series quick connects provide full flow connections for applications having up-stream and down-stream shut-off capabilities. Typical application for quick connect are venting, draining, mixing and transfer applications.

• MAWP: Up to 6000 psig (413 bar)
• Temperature: -40 to 350° F (-40 to 176° C)
• Flow Coefficient: 1.7 – 45
• Sizes: 1/4 to 1 in.
• Materials: 316 SS and brass

SSP QF Series Quick Connect Couplings
QC Series Instrumentation Quick Connects
Valves & Flow Controls
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SSP Actuated Ball Valves
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